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Welcome to iScotia Business Technologies

iScotia's mission is to assist businesses to create strategic ICT  (Information and Communication Technology) assets that deliver significant value to their operations and measureable returns on their ICT investment. At iScotia, we recognize the needs of our Customers and we maintain impartiality in their system selection process and treat all our customer interactions with confidentiality and respect.

iScotia is an independent systems consultancy delivering guidance, analysis  and process integration for strategic ICT assets including data networking, voice and unified communications, enterprise management and decision support  systems.

We realize our mission through a combination of in-depth strategic 'ICT in Business' experience coupled with tactical technical skills and tools. iScotia brings a high level of personalized, relationship-focused service that our Customers deserve and demand.


iScotia is an information and communications technology and business process consultancy with over 30 years of system design and operations, workflow and process analysis, project management and total quality expertise.

Based in Bedford Nova Scotia, iScotia helps your business create innovative systems that meet your needs and supports your business while capitalizing on your current investments.

Working with your vision, we lead your team to develop system requirements and select products and vendors that can deliver to meet your goals. iScotia is a certified member of the Association of Workplace Educators of Nova Scotia and also offers training for computer applications, project management and quality assurance


Your business demands are 24x7 and information is the lifeblood of your decision making.  Your IT systems must be available and reliable.

We understand.  We have solutions for you.

Contact Us at 902-800-5007