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Advanced System Management Services

Imagine a technician that never sleeps, checking on the health of your computers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Then imagine that technician travels with you wherever you take your computer. At iScotia we have that technician working for our customers, and we call it Advanced System Management Services (ASM). ASM connects to your computers via the Internet to check on the status, security, updates, backups and system optimization.

ASM will alert our operations center that there is a potential problem before a failure event occurs. We alert you to the concern and dispatch a technician if the problem is not remotely repairable. While your computer is connected to the Internet we can diagnose and repair many common computer and network problems.

ASM even allows us to remotely guide your staff through common computer tasks, performing the actions for you while your staff watches or watching while your staff perform the tasks. ASM is a great teaching aid for new staff or to learn new skills.

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Advanced System Management includes:

  • >> Status alerts and diagnostics
  • >> Configuration management
  • >> Remote repair and restart
  • >> Network connectivity and configuration
  • >> Software and system updates and patches
  • >> Antivirus verification
  • >> File and hard drive optimization
  • >> Backups and encryption
  • >> Remote control and training

June 14, 2011
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