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shore.pngWe recognize our daily business activities and decisions impact the planet and our community, and we have a responsibility to operate as efficiently as possible, curbing and reducing our carbon footprint and our local environmental impact. Our Environmental Sustainability Policy encompasses three key elements: Lifecycle, Operations, and Services.

From acquisition to disposal, the Lifecycle of our purchasing decisions has a direct impact on our planet and we will conduct our business with concern for that impact. Wherever possible we will include in purchasing decisions, products that meet the highest environmental standards, such as EPEAT certified computing products. To reduce our waste stream we will implement equipment re-use and reallocation strategies that will enable us to continue to gain economic benefit from our devices for extended periods.

We are aware and concerned of the environmental impact that our daily business operations has on the ecology of our planet, from driving fossil fuel powered vehicles, to single use eating and drinking products. iScotia will develop and use advanced communications, networks and video conferencing technologies to conduct a significant portion of our business activities, and thereby effectively reducing our carbon footprint.

We will develop for the market those advanced technologies that have helped us to reduce our negative environmental impacts, and will offer these services and products to our customers, thereby advancing our goal of carbon reduction. iScotia will develop and implement training programs for all businesses to help them understand the technology options available and to guide them in their own efforts to achieve carbon reduction.

June 14, 2011
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